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Mastering Expo ROI
3 Minute Read

Your tradeshow toolbox - Step 11

Mastering Expo ROI
3 Minute Read

2018 MTROI Toolbox

Why a toolbox you ask…? Because on the show floor anything can happen!

Banners falling down, cable come loose, someone asking to staple your card to the brochure, a team member with a bleeding finger! Anything!

This post is part of a series of 17 steps to mastering your trade show ROI. If you haven’t already seen in you need to go back to the first post in the series that covers your goals and objectives. While you can take the information in this single post by itself and improve your results - you will have far greater success if you approach it like a mini course and move from one step to the next.

You will need your box to be easily transported so don’t make it too bulky and it also needs to be able to sit on the stand somewhere behind the wall or under a counter so just keep that in mind.

So what do you have in the “box” …?

Well this is a basic overview of some of the items you will need, there will no doubt be specific items that you will want to include as well:

  1. Pens/pencils – Make sure you don’t have to go on a tour of the exhibition hall to find a pen when you get there, unless it’s all part of your plan to meet new people.
  2. Scissors – Inevitably something will need to be cut during set up or pull down.
  3. Sharpies or Artlines – Great for marking boxes and making last minute signs.
  4. Highlighter – Useful for making sure those important notes about a prospect get seen back in the office.
  5. Notepads & Post Its – you always end up scratching around for a piece of paper to make a note of a competitors stand or something you remember you have to do tomorrow!
  6. Rubber Bands – Don’t lose all those business cards you just collected.
  7. Paper clips – You can bend paper clips and use them for the most unconventional purposes.
  8. Stapler – Ok, maybe for papers you can just a paper clip but bring the stapler too.  The stapler can come in handle to tack all sorts of unsuspecting things together – like your business card to your flyer… or a competitor’s brochure!
  9. Tape – Scotch, Duct, Masking, Packing, Double Sided – any kind of tape you can think of, you’ll need one kind or another.
  10. Safety Pins - Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? There is no better time than when you are going to meet hundreds of people! Better safe than sorry!
  11. Hand sanitizer – You are going to shake hundreds of hands during the course of the day, sanitize before you eat that snack.
  12. Wire or string – Sometimes hanging up signage can be a challenge.
  13. Zip ties – These help keep computer wires looking nice – and a million other uses…!
  14. Multi tool – You are going to need a screwdriver, can opener, pliers and a knife for those odd tasks that crop up.
  15. First aid kit – Don’t bleed all over your prospects.
  16. Extension cords (more than one) – Chances are there are only going to be a few outlets for several booths and you may want to place your TV or computer monitor in a location not so close to an outlet.
  17. Power Boards – You should always have at least one if not 2 backup power boards in your box. The last thing you want to have to do is try and find a shop when your one and only power board fails on the first morning!

Make a list of your own - copy and paste from this page if you like and put it all together now so you don't waste time later.

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