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Wow...! What a unique gift to be remembered for.

Promotional Featured
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201810 Blog Socks

We've been doing a lot of testing and trials recently and are pleased to announce that we are now live with our premium quality, yet affordable printed socks!

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Why printed socks you ask...?

This is why -

When choosing a promotional product to represent your company, it needs to be something that easily fits into a client or prospects everyday life. Now what do people wear almost every day? Socks!

Regardless of whether your prospects are management level, factory workers or end user consumers, we can guarantee that every morning before they walk out the door to start their day, 99% of them will pull on a pair of socks.

It's always been a struggle for many businesses to find useful, innovative yet necessary items for a promotional campaign. With socks, we can now offer all three elements into one item.

Just imagine that each time your prospects and clients start the day they do so with YOUR brand!

Yet we still have people say,

"yuk, I’m not having our brand on a pair of smelly socks...! Can you imagine my client pulling their socks off at the end of a long day with my logo on it and throwing them in the wash with disgust at the smell..."

Well in reality we have never had this response. Yes, you will probably get it somewhere but guess what. Those clients are the same ones who if you give a nice branded sports bag to, they go and complain because the zip broke when they tried to force too much into it!

Just ignore them.

Custom Printed Socks

You can always give out another tee shirt, that may end up being used as a rag or worn only at home because they are too embarrassed to wear it in public. But give someone a pair of quality socks, and they are going to use them.

Pens, water bottles and caps are all useful and still have their place in many great promotional campaigns, but they do end up getting lost in the whirlwind of business because they are not a necessity. Its a lot more beneficial for you to put your marketing dollars into something that is used daily.

You know if you buy a pack of white crew socks from a retail shop, you’ll probably lose them one by one. But if you have a favourite pair of good-looking, high quality socks – you won’t lose them, you’ll chase them through the wash cycle instead!

If you’re investing in promotional products for your company, consider using socks – a product that is used every day - and not on items that are quickly discarded and don’t have a chance to continually advertise for you.

Even if you just want a small batch of socks to express your very own personality – we have you covered there too. With a minimum order quantity of 30 pairs you can spend as little as $147 in total to get 30 pairs of your very own sock.

Have a dress code at work? With the business dress sock, you can now get all your staff completely “on brand” from head to toe – quite literally!

So how do you use them in your marketing campaigns…?

One way is as an “icebreaker”. Walk into a meeting with a new prospect or client and give them a gift to thank them for meeting with you. It's guaranteed to raise some eyebrows and if they ask what to do with them, simply ask them if they are wearing socks today…!

The best part about it is that every morning they will be starting the day thinking of you when they pull on their socks. And because they are the most comfortable sock on earth, they will always go straight for yours rather than the cheap bulk ones they got from Kmart.

So whether you like them or not – give them a try! You can’t go wrong with 30 pairs to start with and test a few prospects and see what the response is. We know that when used right you will be clamouring for more!