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3 Minute Read

What is the most important thing for you?

3 Minute Read

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Common response…

My Family – Wife – Kids – Religion – Business…

C’mon really…?

These answers are what most of you will reply with when asked that question. And what are you all leaving out?


That’s right – yourself. You are leaving yourself out of the picture. And I know you’re saying right now, “well that’s plain selfish making myself the most important thing…I only think for others. I'm a good Christian who knows that you can have everything in life you want - if you'll just help enough other people get what they want.”

And my answer is; Yes it is selfish…

…if don’t use your own abilities and existence to help the people and things in life you care for.

So let me ask you, how could you possibly take care of the thing that you feel is most important, whether it’s your wife kids or business, if you are not here or physically able to do it…?

This basically means that unless you are in top form and you are looking after yourself first, you will have a very difficult time looking after the other things that you recognise as important.

What is the value of yourself?

So you see now that “you” are the most important thing for you?

How much value are you putting on developing you? Reading – training – learning – keeping healthy.

Most people are focussed so much on trying to look after the things they care so much about – which is absolutely awesome – but struggle day after day because they are forgetting about themselves.

You have to get real about yourself – invest time and energy into your own body to make sure you are in top form to really make a difference to those around you that are important to you.

The link with helping you with events and promotional…?

What’s all this got to do with me helping you with getting the best out of your events…?

Because if you aren’t looking after yourself you will struggle to look after your business effectively. Which in turn means you won't be getting the best results at your trade shows or events. And that’s what I want for you, to get the best ROI possible when you exhibit.

Your ability to earn money is what keeps you fed, clothed and motivated and allows you to help other people.

So the easier we can make that happen for you and give you better return on the money you spend on tradeshows – the better you can care for your important things.

Question for you…

So can you answer the question with a twist?

What is the most important thing for you when sourcing your display for an event and why?

Getting the cheapest... being the biggest... easiest to set-up... fastest to set-up and pull-down…?

I would love to know this so I can learn from your real life experience and be able to give our clients solutions that boost that most important thing for them.

And by the way – hope you get some value out of this article even if you aren’t into the display thing.

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