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4 Minute Read

Improve Your Customer Experience With Your Brands First Touch Point

4 Minute Read

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It is common knowledge that within the first seven seconds of your prospect (or anyone that’s never met you before) meeting you, they will make 11 significant decisions about you.

They will answer questions such as, are you trustworthy, credible, approachable, and kind? Now because they make these decisions about you right up front, don’t you think it’s important to be careful about how you show up and approach people?

I certainly do…!
I am sure you can remember about times when you met someone for the first time and the feelings, thoughts and emotions that you had. You were making decisions about them – what are some of them you have made? Have they always been correct?

It is vital to remember this in every business connection you make because you as a person, are really the best asset you have for your company. So “how” you show up matters! Start showing up as your best self everytime, as it is your chance to show off the brand experience you and your company bring to your clients.

We at Quantum Marketing take the approach that means we spend more time helping our clients create high touch, high value and high impact brand experiences.

We believe that brand experience starts with the first “touch” a client has with your company, and there is nothing worse than providing a promotional product only to see it sit on the shelf for 6 months or handed out with no real strategy in mind.

Promotional Strategy Session

You see, right through a client’s journey with your company from the first time they hear about you through to when they become an advocate for your brand, there are multiple touch points in between that your clients have with you.

The brand experience they have with each touch point draws them closer and closer to becoming a raving fan for your brand (basically a champion of what you can do and someone who will actively tell the world about you – letting everyone know how your brand is or has helped them achieve their goals…)

Let’s just back up a few steps. If “raving fans” is the goal, how do you ensure prospects will stay with you past the first step?

As I said earlier, it all begins with the first “touch”!

Whether you are networking through business events or “online” when you meet people through social networking, the same rules apply. You should never be thinking about “what or how can I get?” Rather think about “How or who can I help?” And always keep in mind that you should show up as your best self.

That’s what it is about – building trust, being genuine and growing relationships so you can see how to help others. This is how you get the “know, like and trust feelings” that are so important because we all know that people do business with and refer business to people they KNOW LIKE AND TRUST – when you are supportive of others first and don’t have your own agenda it speaks volumes about your intentions and how you are there to help and not there to sell.

As a crude example – what would you say if a complete stranger came up to you and said “G’day! I’ve got a great product that does this and that – will you buy it?… it’s only $50” How would you feel and what decisions would you make about them?

If someone said, “Hello, my name is Sally! I’d love to find out a bit about you and what you do?” …What would you think, then?

What it all comes down to is building a relationship and when you are in a situation where you are meeting someone for the first time remember this:

Develop a warm introduction to yourself and brand that you can use over and over again, and when you have it right, practice, practice, practice… Both saying it in person and writing it for your offline events.

Own it! You are not auditioning, this is the real deal so be yourself, speak clearly, communicate directly with confidence. The online version of this is, be yourself and make sure you are clear on what you are typing and avoid typos!

Remember, how you show up makes a difference whether it is online or offline – if your intention is to show up to represent your brand make it count, show up as your best self because it’s your time to shine and show the world what type of brand experience you and your company brings to the table.

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