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4 Minute Read

How do I design a tradeshow display that will impress?

4 Minute Read


5 simple easy to implement ideas that are sure to boost your next expo attendance.

Great expo display design is one of the easier ways to stand out from the hundreds of related businesses at the event. A good design will make people look once – a great design will make people stop and look again, generating you more sales leads.

Display design doesn’t just mean the actual graphics you use, although that certainly is a big part of it. It also encompasses the layout of your exhibition stand and the interactivity.

Step One: 3D Exhibition Display

To be able to do this idea depends a lot on the area you are booking – the bigger the floor space the better. Instead of just having a back wall, use the space effectively and make it interactive.

Create a centerpiece that prospects can walk all the way around.

One of the easiest ways to create a centrepiece like this, is to use a Swellstand, or an ISOframe Tower.

They are extremely easy to set-up and make a fantastic centrepiece for your exhibition stand.

The best part about using towers – you aren’t stuck to using that layout for any future events. You have complete control of where the tower can be positioned, and with the ISOframe option you can easily modify the height with minimal costs! The possibilities are endless.

Another way to add a third dimension to your stand is ISOframe Wave walls. This system is totally unique in that it is fully flexible with each panel being able to flex a full 180°!

This means you can make your wall bulge to give effect to the central media screen that mounts into the wall or even just a slight curve in one end give a great flowing effect.

When planning your exhibition display we can create a full 3D render of the systems so you can see what it’ll look like when it’s set up – before you’ve even purchased.

Step Two: Exhibition Stand Lights

Having great lighting is perhaps the simplest way to improve the design of your exhibition stand and creates a more appealing environment for prospects and customers.

Most stand solutions such as Pop Ups, Swellstand and ISOframe have specific LED lighting that can be attached to the top to give more light and to make sure your designs/images can be viewed in all their glory!

If you have physical products on display then good light positioning can improve the appearance of the products you are offering, as well as drawing people’s attention to the product.

Step Three: Eye-Catching Colours

Use of eye-catching colours are a must when designing your exhibition stand. Using similar colours to your product or company theme can boost brand awareness.

However, using “eye-catching” colours doesn’t necessarily mean, throw every colour you can think of on to the design – colours need to be thought out and added for a reason.

Limit bright colours especially if they aren’t part of your brand to one or 2 at the most. Remember that less is more in most cases!

Don’t think you have to stick with just colours either. Displays with large striking photos as a background can be just as effective, if not more so when they relate to your industry or product you are displaying.

Use large solid text over the top of the image, making sure it is easy to read and is easy for people to understand quickly what your message is.

Exhibition Strategy Session

Step Four: Using Technology

It may not be the first thing you think of when designing an exhibition stand, but furniture and technology definitely play a big role in the appeal.

When looking at technology, such as iPads or TV screens, think about what position they should be in to provide you with the most benefit. The ISOframe system incorporates mounting brackets directly into the frame and can be positioned anywhere.

It’s also important to consider what’s going to be featured on your screen or iPad. If you have a large screen you could feature a repeating, promotional video for your product – just make sure it’s professional, informative and entertaining.

Another great idea if you are big users of social media, is to have a live feed of tweets that exhibition attendees can send you via a specific hashtag (#) you have selected.

Step Five: Exhibition Stand Text

On your exhibition display, less is always more when it comes to text – as long as you don’t miss out important information.

Exhibitions are often fast-moving places and you usually only have about 3 seconds or less, to capture the attention of people and make them understand exactly what you do and how you can help them. Keep it short, sweet and informative.

Your fonts should be in line with your corporate branding, or if you don’t have a brand guide, then a font that is large and clear enough to be seen from a distance is critical. The higher you can get text on your display the better as it won’t get blocked as people move into your stand.

I trust this exhibition design guide helps you to create a display stand that will impress your attendees and make you stand out from your competitors.