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3 Minute Read

How easily can I put $50k per year back on my net profit?

3 Minute Read

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Very easily! By not spending it!

Well there are a few factors that come into this answer… I mean if you are only spending $50k a year then it will be extremely difficult!

But this is exactly what we have done for Kennards Hire through the design and manufacture of a custom display system for all their divisions for use at the expos and events/trade nights they run across the country.

Kennards have 7 different divisions:

  • Concrete Care
  • Lift & Shift
  • Pump & Power
  • Rail
  • Site Solutions
  • Test & Measure
  • Traffic

Each one of these divisions participate in specialist events and expos across the country. They had all be operating independently as far as the displays went for each one and were spending up to $7,000 for displays at each event. Then there was the major events with a custom stand adding another $20k and bump-in bump-out costs totalling about $15k per year. This is totalling $84k and a few divisions will do 2-3 shows a year taking it to over $90k per year in display costs!

We listened to the team at Kennards and found out what the requirements were before we came up with a design we have since named the “New York”. This one system has shaved $50k off what they had been spending, effectively increasing the net profit by that much…!

This display cost them less than $40k and can be used at their major shows that need a lot of impact as well as at events where they only have a 3×3 booth.

The display packs into 2 custom built travel cases that are easily transported or can even fit in the back of a standard commercial van. It can be set-up in around 3h with 2 people – required zero tools and is totally freestanding meaning it can be used anywhere they like!

Let them tell us!

Heidi Stevens – Assistant Marketing Manager at the Kennards Group says this:

“Kennards Hire was seeking a cost effective solution that ultimately was customisable to suit multiple business units. The ISOframe system from Quantum Marketing was the ultimate solution that offered a comparative product with a competitive price point. The endless flexibility and variation backed by the durability of the frame were the standout benefits.”

And Alex Eisermann – Manager – Rail tells us this on video!

Can we do it for you…?


If you find yourself spending upwards of even $40k per year on displays/rental, freight, set-up and pull down costs – then we can definitely help!

Look – even if you only do one show a year, and are spending $5-7k each time… we can still easily save you around $10k over a 3 year period.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you save money, get a better ROI, and above all:

“Be Awesome!”

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