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How Does Promotional Hand Sanitiser Work?

Promotional Featured
4 Minute Read

Promotional hand sanitiser

Wow - what a crazy start to the year!

Bushfires, floods and now the Coronavirus disrupting global economies and stock market records tumbling. Not to mention the mad rush for toilet paper in almost every country!

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Many companies are finding their marketing strategies and plans going straight out the window with the cancellation of trade shows and events due to the restrictions placed on large gatherings of people.

Stress levels are high and fear over what is going to happen next is everywhere. However, history has taught us many times over, that companies who pull back on marketing efforts during tough times are the ones most likely to fail once the economy bounces back like it always does.

The smart marketers double down on their efforts during a downturn and increase their advertising budgets because none of their competitors are out there doing it. This means they are staying top of mind with their clients and prospects so once the economy rebounds, they are in a far stronger position than when they entered the crisis.

What COVID-19 does mean is that you now must be very smart with your marketing efforts and making sure you are spending money in the places where it will have the biggest impact right now.

One product that is having a massive impact right now is the personal hand sanitiser. Hygiene and protection are top of mind for every person right now and by giving your clients or prospects their own sanitiser to use whenever they need will mean that your brand will be getting viewed many times each day. It also provides value to the user when they don’t need to go and buy their own, especially at a time when it is in such short supply.

The health advice we are getting regarding the Coronavirus is that consistent, frequent hand washing helps to kill the germs and slow the spread of bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to get to a sink with soap and water. As salespeople and business professionals we often find ourselves in situations several times a day where we handle something, and we don't know if it is clean or not.

This is where the carabiner or pocket hand gel sanitiser comes into play. We are a lot safer and more protected if we use the promotional hand sanitiser to keep the germs at bay.

So how do promotional hand sanitisers work?

The active ingredient in hand sanitisers is either isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), a similar form of alcohol (ethanol or n-propanol), or a combination of them. Alcohols have long been known to kill microbes by dissolving their protective outer layer of proteins and disrupting their metabolism.

They provide a convenient and effective way to clean your hands as long as your hands aren't covered in visible dirt or grease.

Should we use hand sanitiser as a promotional item?


Good hygiene is something everyone will be thinking about for a long time to come. Promotional items that sanitise have always been popular for companies in the health industries and the events of the recent months mean that now every industry has been made aware of the benefits of practising good hygiene.

You may even get great referrals from those who appreciate your generosity and share their sanitiser with a friend.

Promotional hand sanitiser has been so popular that we sold out with every single one of our suppliers of hand sanitiser in the first few weeks of the coronavirus hitting headlines.

The good news is that we do have both Australian Made as well as imported options for you to choose from. The Australian Made products are going to be ready for dispatch towards the end of April and the imported options will only be available late May or early June.

We are encouraging businesses to get your pre-orders in now because with the volume of orders already flowing in it won’t be long before the new stock will be sold out before it even hits our warehouse!

Promotional hand sanitiser options - Imported

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Promotional hand sanitiser options - Australian Made

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