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3 Minute Read

Hang the suspense…. Keep your feet on the floor and put $$ back in your pocket.

3 Minute Read

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You don’t know what we're talking about do you…!

We are in the business of helping companies save money and hit targets with their tradeshow and event programmes. If you are in this game, please read on.

If not go and find another post to read as I would hate to be held responsible for wasting your valuable time.

Where the $$ disappear to:

When you register for an expo or tradeshow you pay for floor space and often a shell scheme booth as well. This is very initial. A lot of other costs are also incurred with the exhibit organisers like meeting diaries – lead collection tools, sponsorship agreements and the list goes on.

However, you will always have to at least pay for the space – and that’s obviously where we want to make sure you get the most effective use of possible with your budget.

Budget and ROI calculator Tool

Aerial Banners:

The first thing that comes into clients’ minds when you talk about getting the most out of your space is to go up! Makes sense right?

Yes, absolutely! The only limit to how high you can go is often only the ceiling…. And in most exhibition halls this is way up there.

So yes you can use aerial banners – the only drawback…they often end up the most expensive part of your display!

With rigging, install costs involving cranes, scissor lifts and more, you can easily blow your budget on these guys – which is exactly why it is mainly only the big corporate or global companies that do it.

The Alternative:

I love it when people say “we have an alternative!” Alternatives give us opportunities and freedom. So our alternative to the aerial display is to scrap the rigging and costs and expense and choose a floor standing tower.

Simple isn’t it…

Affordable? Absolutely… Effective? Extremely!

Having a tower that stands 4-5 metres tall gives you extreme visibility and the fact it is anchored to the ground draws your prospects eyes down to your display. Often in a busy exhibition hall you see a hanging banner and you can’t even connect it with the floor display underneath it there is so much else going on!

The best part is they cost a lot less than the full set-up for an aerial banner putting that hard earned money back in your pocket for a better investment.

Look Big!

So a tower is a very easy and affordable way to maximise the use of that valuable space you have paid for. Get out there and be noticed along with the corporates and globals and start to see the difference it makes to your stand visitors.

They will not only be able to find you easier and quicker – they will be so impressed with the quality and professionalism of your display that they will be craving to do business with you.


The final part to this is the re-useability of your extra advertising. When you go down the track of the aerial banner – 90% of the time you will only be able to use it again at an expo that has the ceiling space – and mostly they are actually only ever used once.

With an ISOframe tower – you can break it down to use in in your 2.4m high office – you can use it at a smaller function – you can even use it as part of your backwall in any future event.

There are no limits to this!

So make the move today and get in touch to find out more and see where you can maximise the space at your next event.

Hey – I won’t even complain if you take this idea to our competitors and use their product if it makes you happy!

But I can guarantee you this – that no other system on the market provides the same level of flexibility or ease of use as the ISOframe at the same price point.

Kennards Hire found it out and you can see what they said about it here.

I look forward to speaking with you and make sure you…

“Be Awesome!”

Charles is the Business Development Manager at Quantum Marketing, passionate about helping marketing and event managers achieve their goals and increase their ROI from events and promotional campaigns. We provide fast portable professional expo display solutions and creative branded promotional merchandise.

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