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4 Minute Read

Exploding the value of Promotional Products for you.

4 Minute Read

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Every business person alive today would have received a branded product at some stage in their life…. and most if not all would’ve given one out…

But do you realise the value that can be found hidden away in these often overlooked and unused ways?

Promotional products have traditionally been considered branding tools; this post explodes the value of promotional items and turns them into lead generation tools. Increase the return on your next investment by having a strategy on how you can use them to generate leads.

What do you order promotional products for?

Just to have something there for handing out at a tradeshow…? Or just because all your competitors do so you do as well?

With all the whirlwind of the day jobs – often promotional products are an afterthought or something that is rushed for an event.

But what if you could increase the return on your promotional product investment and at the same time use them to actually generate leads for the company…?

Here are 4 ways to do just that:

01. Connect the promotional item to the digital space:

Promotional products are taking a leap into the digital world and the result is that companies are finding ways to connect online lead generation and marketing with physical branded promo products. There are many items that you can use in this fashion but here is an example.

Digital Rewards

This is a unique way to deliver prospects a promotional product with a high perceived value. Not only that, it’s something they’ll really want to use!

Digital Rewards consist of a “gift card” and a website landing page for your business. Prospects receive a message via the promo item and redeem it online on a specific landing page.

You receive their contact information and the lead gets their reward – whether it is a voucher for your store, an online magazine or even a restaurant voucher.

This message can be presented on any promo item that has sufficient branding area. Items like microfiber screen cloths, plastic “rewards cards”, bottled water, show bags or “marketing cards”.

This method is perfect for a trade show or event where you’ll be making contact with hundreds of people. Once they’ve entered the information you need to collect and redeemed their Digital Reward, you’ll then be able to continue nurturing them with targeted marketing throughout the buyer’s journey.

There are a number of advantages to linking promo items with the digital world. First, capturing the information in a digital format makes it a lot easier for you to follow up with your new leads.

Also, giving that connection between promo items and digital, encourages prospects to engage with your company in many other ways, giving you even more opportunities to touch them with your product or service.

02. Be Proactive – not Reactive:

Why should you wait for prospects to come to you before giving them a promo product? Take a proactive approach and send out promotional products directly to the companies and people you have qualified.

This means having a strategy that involves mailing a nice promotional item directly to those companies that you know you can help or would need your product or service. They may or may not have already registered interest in you but the goal here is to get people to engage with you. As soon as they do they become a lead.

Consider building a strategy around a specific “mail friendly” promo items and put together a message around that product to be included in your package. Remember to only send the packages to qualified companies and ensure you have a solid follow-up plan to make sure you aren’t fishing in the dark and just “hoping” someone will bite.

03. Make them part of your sales strategy:

Stop just considering promotional products to be marketing only tools. They are many statistics available in every country around the world that proves them to not only make people feel happy but also gives them a much more favourable impression of the company who gave them the product.

Promotional Strategy Session

So, why not ensure that they are an integral part of your sales process and give the team access to use promotional products throughout the buyer’s journey? For valuable, high-revenue leads, consider investing in high-end branded merchandise for when the sale is nearly closed. For leads who are at the beginning of the sales process, use items that are meaningful and thoughtful, but a less expensive.

Be careful that it isn’t seen as a bribe though, and research the industry before presenting a high-value gift before a sale is made. Some industries will refuse gifts before a sale as they are viewed as manipulation.

Use these items as a gift from the sales person to say thanks for the meeting, phone call or whatever the stages are you go through.

04. Reward referrals:

The last piece in this post is using promotional items to thank existing customers for a referral. This helps to convey your appreciation as well as gives them further incentive to pass on more referrals in the future.

Make sure the referral is a true one and viable and send them a custom promotional product. This will vary with your industry and client base but some ideas would be printed chocolate with a message like “We owe you some chocolate – thanks for the referral!”

So the next time you are discussing your promotional campaign – think in terms of lead generation – not just a branding tool! There are many effective and creative ways to use promotional products as lead generators and we’d love to hear what yours are!