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Mastering Expo ROI
4 Minute Read

I've Booked in to the Tradeshow - Whats Next...? - Step 5

Mastering Expo ROI
4 Minute Read

2018 MTROI Booking

This step covers off on all the actions you need to take after you have confirmed the booking for the expo.

This post is part of a series of 17 steps to mastering your trade show ROI. If you haven’t already seen in you need to go back to the first post in the series that covers your goals and objectives. While you can take the information in this single post by itself and improve your results - you will have far greater success if you approach it like a mini course and move from one step to the next.

Expo Website Login

The first thing you need to do after signing off on your booking is to get your login details and password for the expo website. This is the perfect place to start getting recognised by visitors as 99% of them will have been to the site at some point leading up to the show.

All you need to do on here is upload your logo, your contact details and what you are about – your company profile essentially. Start using the message you crafted in the “perfect brand message” session and say why you are attending and how you can help.

Just make sure that the person you put down as the contact is prepared to be bombarded...! They will no doubt get messages from all sorts of vendors trying to sell them displays, training and whatever else people think they will need. We don’t recommend using a generic address though or even not putting one at all as you will also be contacted by interested leads who want to know more about you before they get to the show. A generic email puts most people of as it loses the personal touch.

Travel details and bookings:

You need to decide how you will be getting to the tradeshow. Don’t leave this to the last minute especially if it involves a flight!

Make sure you have considered for all staff who are attending and ensure they all have a way of getting to the expo on time and that they know how they will be doing it. Whether by car, train, walking or flying, this is a key to having your staff arrive on time, composed and ready to generate results for the company. Even when the event is in your own city or area – you still need to make sure everyone is clear on how they are getting there.

Overnight Accommodation:

This is another key aspect that is often only remembered a day or two before the event! When you have to stay overnight – make sure you arrange the motel now – the earlier you book the better rates you will get and it's one less thing you have to worry about in the days leading up to the event.

Planning for your overnight stays early gives you more flexibility: make sure you find one that’s conveniently located and fits your budget before it is too late.

Also, there are a few small details that it's worth paying attention to as they can make your life incredibly easy or difficult:

  • good internet connection in the room (you may need to follow-up at night)
  • breakfast included (you don’t want to waste time finding a restaurant)
  • quiet (you will certainly be exhausted every night; your success depends on your ability to rest)
  • conveniently located (you don’t need to waste an hour in travel)

Parking at the venue:

If you are driving to the venue – you will need to consider your options for parking. Do your research and assess the best options for you. In the city the on-site parking is often quite expensive but will save you a lot of time and energy if you have to park a kilometre away and walk in and out every day!

Study the maps!

While this sounds dumb – it can save you a lot of time on the day… Take a few minutes to go over the floor plan with your team and work out where everything is. Decide who is going to lunch when and where they can go.

Making a plan now for lunch breaks and knowing where you can go can save vast amounts of time for all staff and helps keep staff motivated knowing that they have a time set for them to go and relax and refresh so they can operate at peak performance when on the stand.

Record the expenses!

With all these elements – make sure you are recording the costs on your budget sheet and keeping it up to date… remember that you cannot improve what you don’t measure, so make sure you are measuring everything.

You will want to come back and check this post again through the weeks leading up to your event to make sure you aren’t overlooking anything.

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