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Mastering Expo ROI
5 Minute Read

The art of drawing visitors into your world - Step 16

Mastering Expo ROI
5 Minute Read

2018 MTROI Visitors

This step shows you the ways you can interest, attract and engage visitors so your brand and message stands out and is remembered for days to come.

You may have jumped to this page to get the quick lowdown on what you need to do in this area – but let me tell you now, the most of the interest and attraction is done in the previous steps…!

This post is part of a series of 17 steps to mastering your trade show ROI. If you haven’t already seen in you need to go back to the first post in the series that covers your goals and objectives. While you can take the information in this single post by itself and improve your results - you will have far greater success if you approach it like a mini course and move from one step to the next.

  • Having the right message
  • Making sure it speaks to the right people.
  • Designing your stand correctly so you can either talk intimately with prospects or big open plan with room for a lot of crowd.
  • Booking the meetings
  • Emailing your list and telling them about why they should visit.
  • Training your team on how to stand and talk at the show.

These are all strategies and ideas that are covered in earlier steps so make sure you have gone through them all first!

The most important aspect though of interest and attraction is your people – we can’t emphasize enough the massive impact that people have on people.

I mean we live and breath relationships – it’s the way humans are made. So don’t disrespect it – use it for your advantage…

You get your team 100% on board, confident, motivated and excited and you will draw visitors in - guaranteed.

A few extra ideas for you:

  1. Make a public speech or presentation.
    The key with doing this is not to make it a sales presentation or speech. In fact, there should be no hooks no pressure and nothing directing people even to your company. You need to make sure it is full of value to them. What do you know about or are an expert on in your industry that your target client absolutely needs to know about or wants to learn about…? 
    If you don’t have anyone in your company that can do this – consider getting an outside expert in to do it for you. Someone well known will always attract a bigger crowd but you want it to stay short. 
    There is a lot to see and do at an expo and visitors don’t want to stay somewhere for 1h just to listen to a speaker. So keep the speeches down to 10-15 min and repeat it a couple of times during the course of the event if you like.
    The value to you will be in the recognition of you or your company as a leader in that space and using the principal of reciprocity. Whatever you give out – it will come back.
    If you only get a small crowd show up – don’t be discouraged and certainly don’t let it make you give a half-hearted speech. Give it everything you have regardless of how many people are listening. In fact a smaller crowd can reap better results for you because you can offer some Q&A after and be able to talk to each person and strengthen that relationship – after the speech is finished you can treat them the same as any visitor…ask the set of qualifying questions – get a future action or follow-up task confirmed and keep moving onwards and upwards!
  2. Set-up a competition:
    This can take a myriad of forms and most people have very fertile imaginations and with the help of their team are able to come up with some extremely good ideas. A few ideas to start the imaginative juices flowing –
    1. Spin the Wheel
      This is a great way to get people involved. Have each slice win something – even if it is something as small as a show bag with some gifts, or even a coupon for a discount on the product or service you are selling/promoting. You need to make sure you are getting their details or have them answer your questions BEFORE they can spin the wheel. 
      Set the wheel up near the edge of the stand and you will get more people wanting to have a go.
    2. Trivia
      Everyone enjoys a good trivia game and tradeshow visitors are no different. Make it about your industry or even company and have prizes for the correct answers. Visitors can learn about your company while having fun. The information learned will likely stick in their brains long after the trade show is over.

As an alternative to winning prizes for each game – you can set-up a draw at the end of the day and run it so that anyone who wins at one of your games get into the draw. Doing it like this means you can make it a significant prize as it is always only one prize that goes out. Make the prize cash or a valuable gift and you will have people entering multiple times to try their luck.

  1. Photo Contests
    These are a great way to gain exposure (pun intended) for your brand and message on social media by encouraging visitors to upload their contest entries to their social media profiles. You need to make sure it is something about your display that they have to take a photo of. You could have a “Best creative stand photo” award and have visitors compete to get the most ridiculous angles and perspectives of your display. You can even do a selfie contest in front of your photo wall or something. 
    Be creative and don’t limit your imagination! Just remember to set-up a hashtag that people have to use to be able to be part of contest.

Hopefully you can take one or two of these ideas and start working on it today for your next event. Feel free to let us know of anything else that you have had great results from. We love to share what works so bring it on!

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